Supervisory Skills Development Program, Module 1-7

At the end of the program, the attendee is expected to:

  1. Learn the four basic functions of management
  2. Know general strategies in communication
  3. Coaching and counselling in the workplace

The module schedules are as follows

  • Module 1-2, January 21
  • Module 3-4, January 22
  • Module 5, January 24
  • Module 6-7, January 25

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About the speaker

Noel Resurreccion is the Managing Director of The Mentor Group and heads the Business Management and Development Division. He is an accredited associate consultant of the Asia Pacific Tourism Training Institute; the Center for Human Resource Management; Frontliners, Inc.; Quality Consultants, International; and Passion for Perfection Consultancy.

His exposure and experience in business management and development brings him to consult with companies on strategic planning and operational planning for both private and government institutions. He has an extensive experience in operations systems design and evaluation with actual responsibility for developing new operating systems and procedures for a large multinational company. His exposure in total quality management brought him to design programs and training interventions geared towards business process re-engineering in support for the privatization efforts of the government. He has strong organization development skills that allow him to design and conduct interventions that address a change in process, attitude and work output of concerned companies and organizations. He also conducts programs in managerial skills development, and financial management and accounting. A short list of former and present clients include: a national oil company, multinational manufacturing and distribution companies, government-owned and controlled corporations and agencies, rural electric cooperatives, non-stock/profit and civic organizations, and service-oriented organizations.