Basic Occupational Safety and Health Seminar

8,600.00 plus 12 % VAT

April 24-27

BOSH (Basic Occupational Safety and Health) aims to build a work environment where safety and health is ensured. BOSH fosters protection among co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment.



The Basic Occupational Safety and Health Seminar covers the following modules:

Module 1: OSH and the BOSH Framework
Module 2: OSH Situation in the Global and Local Levels
Module 3: Unsafe/ Unhealthy Acts and Conditions
Module 4: Housekeeping
Module 5: Materials Handling and Storage
Module 6: Fire Safety
Module 7: Electrical Safety
Module 8: Machine Safety
Module 9: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 10: Industrial Hygiene
Module 11: Environment Control Measures
Module 12: Occupational Health Hazard and Their Health Effects
Module 13: Safety and Health Inspection
Module 14: Accident Investigation
Module 15: Development of an OSH Program
Module 16: OSH Legislation


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