Job Interview Answer Tips

Creating a positive image of yourself is the first step towards passing a job interview. Being able to give impressive responses to interview questions is a crucial step in creating your positive image. Listed below are common questions/ screnario to expect from a job interview and the proper responses to impress your interviewer

  1. Question:What are your weaknesses?
    Don’t Say: I do not have any weaknesses.
    Do this instead: Provide a real weakness and explain how you will fix it. Example: I’m challenged in using speadsheets, but I’m going over some online tutorials to help me learn more about it.
  2. Question: What are your strong points?
    Don’t say: I understand Quantum Mechanics (or other high tech items to over-impress)
    Do this instead: Be truthful about your qulification, and say you’re a fast learner and excited to learn new skills
  3. Your interviewer asks a question you do not have an answer to.
    Do this: Take a deep breath, find something intelligent to say, even if you need to pause.