Jeck M. Simbulan

Jeck M. SimbulanJeck has almost 17 years of experience in the fields of sales, training, people development, distributorship management, and project management.

His most recent career, 2012 – 2017, was from Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines in which he handled Antipolo Distribution Center and Las Pinas Sales Office; managing six Sales Executives with 60 to 70 Sales Agents and 15 to 20 Distributors in the areas mentioned. He was also assigned at the Head Office as an OIC for Commercial Development Manager which gave him an advantage because he saw both ends, as a manager in the headquarters and as a manager in the field. Through this advantage, customizing training modules and field management templates became easier. As such, the most important programs and training modules Jeck crafted were about change management modules, field management/coaching guidelines, value dialogues, persuasive selling, and objections handling. Prior to Jeck’s assignment in the headquarters of Coke, he was given the task to handle South Luzon’s Project Evolution in which he led the smooth transition of Coke’s service delivery model for the whole of 2014. This again included customization of change management modules for the Sales Teams of South Luzon.

Prior to Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, Jeck was with Avon Cosmetics Inc. from 2002 to 2009. During his last year in Avon, he again customized customer service modules and franchising standards of Avon stores for the Philippines. This was used at a national level both for company and non-company owned stores.

Jeck’s first job was with Viking Cars, Inc. – Volvo, 1997 to 2002. His entry was as a Customer Service Office or as a Sales Agent and exited Volvo as a Sales Supervisor. It was during his Sales Supervisor years that he customized training modules for the Sales Agents. These training modules did not only include basic selling skills but also custom fitting modules for different units that Volvo will be brining inside the county. He was sent to Singapore every time a new model will be released so he can customize the training program efficiently.

Having mentioned all details above and since he is still young, in his early 40’s; Jeck’s first love for training is because of his never-ending curiosity to human development and motivation. Jeck believes that everyone is very unique, that’s why customization of training modules and programs is very important. Customization does not only include technical skills but also tapping an individual’s soft and emotional side. This to him is a very powerful tool which made all the training modules he crafted successful.