Corporate Newsletters – A strategy for boosting workforce productivity

“A recent study by McKinsey Global Institute shows that well connected employees produce an improvement in workforce productivity by up to 25% (equating to $1.3 trillion annually). ”

As we advance further in the digital age, it is no question that communication will be critical to the success of any modern business. As our workforce becomes more dispersed and mobile, a need for a solid, internal and centralized communication hub / system is key to optimal productivity.

A corporate newsletter isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think about boosting productivity, or improving employee morale and relations, and understandably so. Historically, we know that corporate newsletters are these printed, (usually) boring one pagers from the office that nobody really bothers to read. And in this sense, we may even think that they are merely a waste of corporate resources.

But let me offer you 3 possible reasons why your corporate newsletter isn’t working:

  1. You’re not communicating through the right channels – We are at a point in time where the workforce consists of multiple generations, a transitory period where the kids of yesterday are coming into the workforce as young adults or more popularly known as ‘millenials’. When it comes to communication, there is never a ‘one size fits all’ method. Printing out folded four pagers for newsletters is quickly becoming an outdated option.
  2. Explore Digital – Similar to the first point, taking time to explore the design opportunities of creating a digital newsletter allows us to see what options we can take as far as disseminating the critical information we desire. The possibilities for creativity and tailoring our messages to fit certain needs are almost endless when we take advantage of this digital age we far progressing into.
  3. Get your team involved – Don’t allow just one person or department to be responsible for coming up with the stories you want to tell, get everybody involved, consider that a lot of people or departments also need to have certain things known within the organization, allow this hub of information to also be a hub for feedback, collaboration and conversation. Engaged, well connected employees will always work to your advantage.

There are lots of other reasons why we need to reconsider corporate newsletters and its place in our organizations. We now know based on research that an effective communication campaign increases our workforce productivity, employee engagement and the overall efficiency of our employees and the way that they communicate and share information.

We’d love to show you concrete examples of what makes a truly effective newsletter campaign and how we can further refine and tailor its design to fit your specific needs.

We would very much like to hear your thoughts, questions and comments. Should you be interested in learning more, we’d love to set up a consultation with you, free of charge. Just look for the relevant contact info you need below. Hope to hear from you soon!