Customer Relations and Secretarial Skills Enhancement

Good customer relation is the responsibility not only of the frontline personnel but also of employees who provide services to its internal customers. Organization secretaries and administrative personnel are the necessary link between the decision makers and the rest of the organization. They are the holders of key information and job details that can expedite or slow down the implementation of management directives, priorities, plans and programs. A two-day seminar designed to promote a mindset change and retool organization secretaries and administrative personnel with the Continue reading →

Continuous Improvement – KAIZEN *

Achieving meaningful long-term increases in quality and productivity is an important task of management. Doing today’s work well is not enough; managers must implement systems, which will tune the culture to tomorrow’s competitive environment. New systems require that we must change our beliefs and values about how work is organized and how quality and productivity are achieved. A two-day seminar designed to present to the participants the methodology of looking at old systems and procedures in a different perspective. A perspective that will challenge what Continue reading →