Total Quality Management (TQM) *

Total Quality Management (TQM) – the art of continuous improvement with customer satisfaction as the goal – has become the rallying cry of the businesses, government agencies and voluntary organizations the world over. In addition to increased satisfied customers and financial saving, TQM provides organizations excellence improving the organization’s people, product, services and processes. It helps develop a more effective Management focused on the right priorities. By empowering people, TQM improves company morale and encourages genuine involvement in decision-making

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

KGJS Fleet Management Manila, Inc. is interested in conducting a management development program for the Filipino Senior Shipboard Officers. The training program will provide venue for the participants to practice and improve their skills in the functions of management in planning, leading, directing, organizing and controlling. The program will equip the participants with the conceptual and the behavioral science aspect of the managerial task in managing and leading their respective groups. The training program will be highly interactive and using various learner-centered methodologies.

Six (6) Sigma *

This course introduces participants to the key concepts and practices of Six Sigma. It features the DMAIC problem-solving steps that operate on Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control closed-loop system. Such allows opportunities to be clearly identified, analyzed, and resolved. The organization’s competitiveness is thereby improved or sustained. This course also discusses the required support system and resources to make the Six Sigma quality a way of life.

Preparing for an ISO Audit *

This program introduces participants to quality concepts and practical applications of internal audit using the standards of ISO 9001:2000. It features the requirements of the new standard and presents a logical method for auditing quality management systems. As such, the knowledge and skills gained can be used to improve one’s own organization, qualify a new supplier, or simply assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. The first day will explain the meaning of the standard so that participants will have a common understanding of the requirements. Continue reading →

File Management Using 6S

Companies with fiduciary responsibility must present an image of efficiency and security at all times. Work processes that present an image of continuous improvement become an important basis for customers when deciding where to invest their hard-earned money. Companies who seek to continually improve their efficiency, work organization, quality, safety and housekeeping can effectively impact the way they do their business. Based on Japanese words that begin with “S”, the 5S philosophy focuses on effective work place organization and standardized work procedures. 5S simplifies your Continue reading →

Delighting Your Customer (System Management Skills)

Customers make or break a business. Satisfying and delighting customers consistently and professionally can make a difference in how employees perform their jobs and how customers feel about the organization. In a competitive environment, businesses need to equip their employees, particularly the frontline service personnel, with proven customer service knowledge, skills and attitude that will support the company’s customer service system. Any business that fails to do this will find itself losing in the customer service arena. “Delighting Your Customers” is a 16-hour training program Continue reading →

Customer Service Leadership

Creating and maintaining the highest levels of customer service will have a direct impact on your organization’s ability to attract and retain customers. In this course, Customer Service leaders will learn how to create a positive environment for their teams, ensuring they are able to provide the utmost level of customer service at each touch point. The course also aims to help participants evaluate the efficiency of current customer service processes and identify improvements.