The Power of Sales Talk

Connecting with customers is one of the most important objectives of every sales practitioner. From prospecting to closing the sale, one must communicate effectively and efficiently-maximizing the power of sales talk. This seminar explores a communication-based sales process that will help you identify your customer’s needs. It will help you in presenting your product or service as a genuine business solution to your customers.

Telephone Effectiveness Techniques

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the era of information technology brought about changes not only in the transmittal of information but also in the matter we transmit it. Since the time is of essence, getting straight to the point effectively, efficiently and tactfully becomes a masterful task to accomplish. Thus, the telephone becomes an indispensable tool in business and a source of competitive advantage. A one-day seminar designed to expose participants to the different skills essential in handling telephone inquiries as well as developing Continue reading →

Negotiating With Confidence

It is critical for a retail organization that their buyers possess the confidence to face situations that require skillful negotiating and collaborating. Tact and professionalism must be exercised in order to arrive at mutually beneficial propositions especially during times of negotiations. Priority concerns specific needs and requirements of the company must be identified and matched with the supplier’s existing capabilities, whether in terms of pricing, payment terms, product or delivery. Certain restrictions, if any, must be clearly communicated and asserted. Clear parameters help promote efficiency, Continue reading →

Account Management

The world has changed in significant ways. Today, everyone in the organization must have new skills, new attitudes, and a new understanding of how to work with their clients. Information is the key. Today, you have to do more with less resource requirement and do it faster. Customers are not looking for quick fixes but rather, for long-term relationships with suppliers who will be a resource for them over the long haul. The ability of the organization to collaborate and partner with the customers will Continue reading →

Key Account Selling

The Pareto principle as applied in sales pertains to the 20% of the company’s key accounts translating to 80% of its business. In principle, these major accounts provide the company with the most sizable financial value and dictate the vital strategic directions that the company will take in terms of product development, distribution, marketing support and customer service. This two-day program aims to promote the skills essential in developing sales strategies that will guide executives who aim to promote and sell to major account partners Continue reading →

EQ in Sales

Human connections make or break a sale. People buy for emotional reasons and then justify their actions with logic. You can be prepared, with a smooth pitch, and an impressive presentation, but if a personal connection is missing, the window of opportunity will close. General intelligence and technical skills support the sales role, but to truly succeed, one must also possess a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ). Effectiveness in the sales profession requires broad knowledge and the use of all five dimensions of EQ: Continue reading →

Customer Service Leadership

Creating and maintaining the highest levels of customer service will have a direct impact on your organization’s ability to attract and retain customers. In this course, Customer Service leaders will learn how to create a positive environment for their teams, ensuring they are able to provide the utmost level of customer service at each touch point. The course also aims to help participants evaluate the efficiency of current customer service processes and identify improvements.

Collaborative Sales Techniques

The world has changed in significant ways, and salespeople today must have new skills, new attitudes, and a new understanding of how to work with their clients. Buyers today are overwhelmed by more choices of products and suppliers than they could ever possibly use. Today, you have to do more with less and faster selling effectively today means handling all the interpersonal aspects of a sale better than they have in the past. Today’s customers aren’t looking for quick fixes but rather looking for long-term Continue reading →