Using Named Range in Microsoft Excel

About Named Ranges Microsoft Excel lets you define a reference for a selection of cells that be used in the future. These references are called Named Range and can be reused in formulas you create in Microsoft Excel. Named Range may be used as an alternative to absolute references. In this article, we’ll show you how to create Named Range in Microsoft Excel and reuse them on your formulas. To follow along the steps, you may download the file at this link, The Yearly Continue reading →

Microsoft Excel Webinar

In this Microsoft Excel Webinar, you will learn how to use Named Ranges to simplify your Excel lookup formulas! The result is you get more work done with your spreadsheets in less the time. The Microsoft Excel will be FREE to the first 15 registrants. Sign up now at for your free Microsoft Excel Webinar this October 30, 2021 at 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM. Attendees may download the exercise file thru this link, Exercises.xlsx

Having The Appropriate Virtual Meeting Background

Your screen background reflects your efficiency. You could be well dressed and well-groomed but if your background is unkempt or not related to the situation, your efficiency image will not make a good impression. What steps can you do to make sure that you have appropriate backgrounds for virtual meetings you conduct? First step is to ensure your background surrounding is kept neat, clean and orderly. Arrange your surroundings before you conduct your virtual meetings. Second step you can do is have an appropriate background Continue reading →

Beauty and image enhancement tips for the corporate woman

In an interview with CNN Philippines, The Mentor Group consultant Ms. Rita Dayrit shares beauty and enhancing tips not only for mothers but for all corporate women as well.   Looking to project a better image of yourself? Click the links below for the upcoming webinars from Ms. Dayrit. Increasing Accuracy in the Workplace Executive Presence In The Digital Platform About Ms. Dayrit Ms. Rita Dayrit is a certified Image and Etiquette Consultant. A graduate of A.B. Psychology from De La Salle University, Rita has Continue reading →