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Human Resource Consulting

We offer a broad range of human resource consulting services including policy development, legislative compliance, job descriptions, recruitment, performance management, disability management, communications and organizational development. Whether as a complement to an existing team, as a virtual HR department for small business, or on a project basis, we pride ourselves on our ability to partner with our clients, to understand their unique situation, and to provide custom tailored solutions designed to meet each client’s specific needs.

Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)

The Present is a time of great upheaval and interesting change. Organizations, to stay competitive, continually challenge the way they do business. They recognize the need to innovate, adapt, shift and transform themselves. For an organization to succeed today, every employee needs to exhibit leadership, make decisions and act on opportunities. In this workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to clarify individual values in the context of work, revisit the mission of the group and organization and create a compelling vision statement for the Continue reading →

Values Enhancement Workshop

People in organizations come with different sets of values and work attitudes. Some are more self-directed and can work with minimum supervision, while others appear to be simply going through the motions of work. Some are loyal and they show concern over company affairs, while others are unaware of proper work ethics and business protocol. Despite these differences, people in organizations are expected to work well together with the objective of upholding the company‘s interest at all times. The 2-day “Values Enhancement Workshop” is designed Continue reading →

Training The Trainers Workshop

“A trainer has not trained if the learner has not learned.” So goes a quotation that speaks about the responsibility of trainers to ensure that the training program design and the teaching methodology are relevant to the needs of target participants soliciting learning and involvement from them. “Training The Trainers Workshop” is a flexible training program designed to provide the participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude in the disciplines of program development and course designing. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the Continue reading →

Team Building Workshop

The success of an organization depends not only on the individual strength and talent of each member but also on the ability to work well with each other as a cohesive team. People, however, come from THE MENTOR GROUP Professional Training Consultants and Associates different “walks of life” and this basic personal difference makes teamwork in the workplace more difficult to attain. The Team Building Workshop is four-part program designed to present to the participants the concept effectiveness. The first part of the workshop deals Continue reading →

Return on Investment in Training

Return on Investment (ROI) has become one of the most challenging and intriguing issues facing the human resources development (HRD) and performance improvement field. This program will guide you through a proven, results-based approach to calculating ROI in training and performance improvement programs.

Positive Work Attitude

To be strong for others is first to be strong in one’s self. It involves bringing leadership back to its source allowing the person to obtain a certain level of personal mastery. The habits of an effective person stems from the ability of the individual to direct his personal change based on proven life principles and values. The workshop aims to align personal goals to that of the company’s vision and mission

Personal and Organizational Stewardship (POS)

We all have belief systems we live by. Our belief and value systems are deeply connected. We are motivated and make decisions based on these belief systems and values. Often these values are unconscious. However, people in organizations or in any relationships, business or otherwise, come with different sets of work values and attitudes. Some are self-directed and works with minimum supervision whereas, others simply goes through the motions of work; unaware of work ethics and business protocol. Yet these people are expected to work Continue reading →