Adobe Lightroom CC App: Auto Settings Sample

The Adobe Lightroom CC app provides a handy tool for enhancing pictures taken on a mobile. A free version of the app is available for both iOS and Android devices. In this post, a step-by-step instruction on how to use auto settings for light and colors is provided for transforming the picture to the left to the one to the right.

The process starts with taking the picture below. It was close to sunset when the picture was taken. This accounted for the dimly lit background.

The Adobe Lightroom CC app is opened.

The Adobe Lightroom CC lets you organize your files/ photos into albums. For this sample, a Projects album is created. This is where the picture that was taken will be placed. The album is tapped to open it.

The picture is added to the opened album by tapping the import tool (as enclosed by the red box).

The picture is now imported into the Projects album. Tap the picture to open and start the edit.

The picture is now in the edit mode. Below the picture are the panels that will be used for the enhancement. The enhancement will start with the Light panel – tap to open.

Sliders to adjust the lighting features of the photo are provided. But, the Auto is enough to use.

Tapping the Auto button will automatically set the sliders. This now brightens the picture.

The next step is to improve colors of the picture -tap the Color panel.

Just as the Light panel provides sliders, the Colors panel has its own set. The White Balance will be the option that will be used. Tap to open.

Tap the Auto option – observe now that the white area of the picture is brighten up further.

Beyond the Lights and Colors, the Adobe Lightroom CC app has more panels to further enhance pictures. But for this sample, the enhanced picture will be as it is in its current state.